Race Report: BASP #2 Sierra Point Night Race

Big weekend of racing at the Bay Area Super Prestige Night Race held at the Sierra Point Yacht Club in Brisbane, CA.  This is always one of the biggest races of the season for the entire Bay Area given the later start times and festive atmosphere.

Team Caletti scored multiple podiums on the day!

Josh – 2nd 35+B

John – 4th 35+B

Jojo – 12th B

Jed – 20th B

Emery – 5th SS A

Troy Cooter Tanuki – 10th

Emily – 18th Women’s Elite

Lindsey – 1st Women’s 35+ A

Sunday’s Repechage was the same course but run in reverse.  Only half the team rallied with the help of our Chef du Cusine Ryan Thompson providing pre-race nourishment.  Some flatted tubulars killed Emery and my chances of podium glory, but a good time was had by all.

Josh – 22nd 35+B

Emery – 11th SS A

Troy Cooter Tanuki – 6th SS A

Jojo – 9th B

A big thanks goes out to Peter Thomsen (sponsor of Team Caletti/member/photographer) for the gallery of pics below!



Race Report: Surf City #2 Watsonville Fairgrounds

The Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds in Watsonville, CA opened up the gates once again to allow us cyclocrossers the opportunity to get down and dirty! For those who raced last year, I’m sure the memories of that truly epic slog are still at the forefront of your memory banks. Conditions this year were the opposite of that dreary November day with warm temperatures and a bone dry course.

The Surf City CX crew along with course designer Ben Jaques-Mayne laid out a challenging track that has become the hallmark of Surf City courses. All types of skills were required: cambers, runups, dirty turns, 100lb pitt bulls, bumpy power straights, skittery gravel downhills…The course was wide open in some spots and narrow in others. All in all, it was a demanding course yet very raceable.

One of the best spectator spots was the drop in on the far end of the course that featured cocoa powder type dirt with a line that changed every single lap. Emery was huckin his meat off the pavement into the decent and surfed the brown pow con juevos every lap.

I kicked off the festivities for Team Caletti with another win in the 35+ B category. Jed and Jojo lined up next in the open B race with Jojo taking a strong 8th and Jed another lucky 13th.  These guys are coming up fast and we should be looking out for some podium performances with the big races still ahead!

Our lone lady representative, Emily McKissins, stormed out with the holeshot in the women’s A race but succumbed to cramps in her legs and had to abandon.

Our tallest and shortest team members took on the heat of the day as well as some of the Bay area’s fastest SS racers in the final race of the day. It’s midseason now and if you’ve been racing somewhat regularly, you pretty much know who your marks are every race. Emery was able to improve on last week’s fourth place with a strong third on the day while still dealing with cramps late in the race. Troy literally was playing in the dirt off his bike and still rocked a 7th place! I’m a pretty dark skinned guy, but Troy was possibly a darker shade of brown than I am!

Chef Ryan Thompson came through again with the goods in the form of chile relleno burritos with a cocktail of “blood of the cobra” for post-race snacks!

Thanks to all the friends, family and sponsors who came out to support us! We do what we do with your help!

Link to results



Photo by Patrick Rosso


Photo by Patrick Rosso


Photo by Patrick Rosso


More photos in the gallery below.  All photos taken by Amber Slankard.

The 2015-16 Cross Season is Underway!!

The 2015-2016 CX season kicked off in earnest this past weekend with the second running of the West Sacramento CX Gran Prix (WSCXGP) as well as the second race  for Central Coast CX (CCCX) race series held in Monterey County.

Team Caletti’s Mr. Do-It-All (just don’t ask him to pin your number), Emery Wedel, was in lone wolf mode for the WSCXGP.  He sent me his Dear Diary entry from that night…

I was bummed to miss the Lobster Cup, but that only boosted my excitement for my season to start. I felt 6 parts stoked and 4 parts nervous for my first race of the season, West Sacramento Cyclocross Grand Prix. The previous years race at River Walk Park was so much fun, I couldn’t resist even with a 2 1/2 hour drive and threatening triple digit temps. I feel like I fair pretty well in the heat and while I wasn’t looking forward to getting fried on the hot lawn I was hoping to use my tolerance as an advantage. The promoters pushed the SS back a bit from last years SS start time. I made it to the venue with plenty of extra time to reg, pre ride the course and make my start on time, unlike last year’s mishap.

The course was very similar to last year’s. Mostly grass with some pavment, dirt and a couple of sandy sections mixed in, as well as a pair of barriers and a few short STEEP hills that challenged most of the SS field.

Feeling fresh in my shiny new skinsuit and freshly overhauled cross rig, I was ready to race! This season I made some gearing changes including some Wolf Tooth direct mount chainrings, and I even copped a set of mean ass Easton EC90 Aero55 tubulars. This year my race rig is hyper fresh!

Rolling up to the start line my field was about 40 or so deep. I was called up somewhere in the middle after chatting with some of the #18millionspeed homies, they sent us off. I pushed to get a descent start and found myself in the top 15 or so moving into the grassy turns that snake across the parks hillside. Riding heckle hill allowed me a few passes and I found myself sitting in the top ten. I worked to keep it smooth and smart as well as trying to keep the power down and work up to the lead group. Half way in I found myself battling for 8th but with two laps to go and the tank feeling empty I settled in and crossed the finish line in tenth. The race gave me a good gauge for my current fitness and handling and was a good start for my ’15/’16 season.

The promoters did a great job providing us with water, and kiddie pools full of ice post race as well as a mister arches to keep the crowds cool. Racing solo was fun but I missed my team. This event is on the list for next season for sure!

Jojo Stanwyck and myself raced Sunday at CCCX #2 held down at Ft. Ord.  Ord gets knocked as CX course because it’s a lot of the same:  singletrack, fire road, gravel, sand, poison oak bushes…Some even say it’s more of a MTB type track.   However you want to think of it, it’s still a fun and challenging course and you still have to ride it faster than your competitors.

This iteration featured a long gradual singletrack climb that kicked up right at the end before a winding super fast descent.  A bunch of loose, swoopy turns ensured that you couldn’t just tune out on the DH.  More bumpy singletrack followed and a barrier dismount and short runup appeared just after the start/finish line and right before the long climb to start the lap.

Jojo started at the back of the open B category and scurried into 8th place for the day passing more than half the field.  I took on the 35+ B men and managed a 2nd place.

Some pics.  Damn those new kids look hot!



Emery using his long ass legs to make a move on the barriers. Photo by Amber Waves


Jojo likes tight racing. Photo by Patrick Rosso


Gravity is my friend. Photo by Kjeld Christensen



Race Report: Surf City Finale – County Fairgrounds

All of us fairweather CXers got exactly what was coming.  It’s been 1.5 years since our last real mud race… at least locally.  File treads need not apply on this course.  Intermediate treads…passable in a pinch.  The conditions at the fairgrounds called for true mud treads…toss in multiple bikes, a few pairs of shoes, all your kit, power washers, extra brake pads…you name it.

The storms leading up to the race doused the fairgrounds and Surf City course volunteer Brock Dickie described it as “like brown soup.”  The early races had some brown soup.  But as the day grew long and the laps kept churning up earth, the brown soup turned into a thicker consistency…more like brown pewp.

Sorry for the visual folks, but this race was easily some of the most epic racing conditions seen around these parts in a long time.  If you missed it, good for you as your cables and brake pads are probably still good for this next weekend’s BASP race.  But for those who were there, it’ll long be etched in their memoirs as an all-timer.

Even without all the weather, the course set up was exceptional.  The fairgrounds have a little bit of everything:  elevation, gravel, grass, drops, runups, barns, stables.  The configuration for this race utilized everything perfectly.  The course was plenty wide which made passing easier.  There were 2 forced dismounts/runups, 2 sketchy descents, plenty of cambers and power sections and a gravel hairpin that was super dangerous if you didn’t have any brakes.

Team Caletti was game for what Mother Nature had given us.  Jojo, Jeb and I had first crack at this course during the B and B Master’s race.  Jeb kept the rubber side down and snagged 4th place!  “My goal was to brraaaaap and rooost so much as to temporarily blind my competitors with mud in their face.  It worked for me.”  Jojo finished a solid 17th but had a miscue and actually suffered a broken phalanx.  Heal up Jojo!!  I could not keep the rubber side down and cased it twice going down the steep descent…much to the spectators delight.  I also failed to swap out my brake pads for full metallic(newbile mistake) so I was brakeless for the last half of the race.  Even still, my 17th-ish place was fine for me!  The most fun wins!!! Always.

Jerry tackled the A 35+ race and despite some issues on the steep descent rolled into a solid 12th place.  Jerry said, “Besides being an artist as my day job, I also love to entertain.  I felt like I did that today…but laying on my backside and sculpting some ‘mud angels’ would have been taking in up another notch.  I feel like there was a missed opportunity.”

Big Emery took on the SS A field in what were probably the worst, most heaviest conditions of the day.  The mud had gotten a bit thicker which made running a more and more viable option.  “This was probably the hardest race I’ve ever done,” he said after the race….followed by “you guys are on your own for mechanical support this week!!! in your face!!” (Emery is our beloved team wrench and loathed the idea of servicing 6 mud-thrashed race machines at his house).

Safe to say that the women of Team Caletti made this race and mud their B$%#&.  All 3 of our ladies were intent on putting on a clinic of mud handling skills that even Sven Nys would applaud.  Scraper worked the pit almost every lap to switch between her geared bike and her SS to finish on the earthen podium in 5th place.  Emily scored a solid 12th place also in women’s elite and our very own Lil B took another win in the Masters 35+ division.  Lindsey said, “I knew it was gonna be  a challenge with the mud and deteriorating conditions.  I wanted to stay upright and keep the power down and minimize mistakes.  That’s how you succeed in racing in terrible conditions.”  So pro it hurts.

Big ups to Jeff, Mary and BJM and the rest of the crew at Surf City CX Series!

Another big shout to Ryan “I have so many titles and nicknames: choose one!” Thompson for his delicious tomato tortellini soup!!!

Full results here!

Here are some photos.  All photos by Amber Waves and some are by Jeb.

Jerome.  Dirty.

Jerome. Dirty.




We roll in style.

We roll in style.

Scrapes railing the descent.  Lots of carnage took place here...almost criminal.

Scrapes railing the descent. Lots of carnage took place here…almost criminal.

Em flexing her calves for the camera.

Em flexing her calves for the camera.

Momma being efficient as only Momma's know how.

Momma being efficient as only Momma’s know how.

Emery with skills.

Emery with skills.

I actually have mud seeping out of my left leg.

I actually have mud seeping out of my left leg.

Photos: CCCX Race #5

Race: CCCX Race #5
Date: Sunday October 14, 2012
Venue: Manzanita Park, Prunedale, CA

It was a great day at the races. The team looked very premium in the new kits. Here are few photos from the day (more photos here)

[gdl_gallery title=”cccx-october-14-2012″ width=”205″ height=”210″ ]

Photos: CCCX Race #4

Race: CCCX Race #4
Date: Sunday October 77, 2012
Venue: CSUMB, Seaside, CA

[gdl_gallery title=”cccx-race-4″ width=”205″ height=”210″ ]

Jeremiah’s CX Bike

Oversize tubing throughout for added pop when sprinting around the cross course. Tapered and curved seatstays take the edge off the bumps.
Head Angle: 72.25
Seat Angle: 73
Head Tube Length: 15.3
Top Tube: 56.2
Cockpit: Ritchey WCS
Drivetrain: SRAM Red, Force
Tubing: Columbus Life oversize, custom shaped down tube, OX Platinum head tube, Life oversize chainstays, custom  curved Columbus Zona seatstays, Paragon SL dropouts and internally relieved BB.
[gdl_gallery title=”jeremiahs-cx-bike” width=”205″ height=”210″ ]

Lindsey’s CX Bike


The smaller rider gets a smaller bike with smaller tubing and geometry adjusted for the size.


Head Angle: 71
Seat Angle: 74.5
Head Tube Length: 11.0
Top Tube: 51.8
Headset: Chris King
Cockpit: Ritchey WCS
Drivetrain: SRAM Rival 1×10
Brakes: Paul Mini-Moto
Tubing: Columbus Spirit bi-oval 31.8 down tube, Columbus externally butted 28.6 seat tube, True Temper OX Platinum 28.6 top tube, OX Platinum head tube, Life oversize chainstays, custom  curved True Temper tapered seatstays, hooded horizontal dropouts with derailleur hanger and internally relieved Paragon BB.

[gdl_gallery title=”lindseys-cx-bike” width=”205″ height=”210″ ]

Tony’s CX Bike


We selected oversize tubing for Tony’s bike, gave him a little more material in the head tube based on his height/weight, added a bit more stability in the front end geometry and brought the BB up a little, due to Tony’s preferences and riding style.


Head Angle: 72
Seat Angle: 74
Head Tube Length: 14.9
Top Tube: 56.6
Headset: Chris King
Cockpit: Ritchey WCS
Drivetrain: Shimano Ultegra
Wheels: Easton EA90 Road Tubeless
Tubing: Columbus Life 31.8 top tube and seat tube, Columbus Life custom shaped 38 down tube, Columbus head tube, Life oversize chainstays, custom  curved Columbus Zona seatstays, Paragon SL dropouts and internally relieved BB.

[gdl_gallery title=”tonys-cx-bike” width=”205″ height=”210″ ]

Jason’s CX Bike


Jason’s bike uses a slightly smaller down tube than what we selected for Jeremiah’s bike for a bit smoother ride while providing a high level of stiffness, given the dimensions of the bike and riding style.


Head Angle: 72
Seat Angle: 73
Head Tube Length: 15.1
Top Tube: 56.1
Headset: Chris King 44 mixed taper
Cockpit: Ritchey WCS
Drivetrain: Shimano Dura Ace/Ultegra
Brakes: Paul Mini-Moto
Wheels: Dura Ace
Tubing: Columbus Life 35mm  bi-oval down tube, Columbus Foco 31.8 seat tube, True Temper OX Platinum 31.8 top tube, oversize head tube for tapered steerer fork, Life oversize chainstays, custom  curved Columbus Zona seatstays, Paragon SL dropouts and internally relieved BB.

[gdl_gallery title=”jasons-cx-bike” width=”205″ height=”210″ ]