Race Report: CCCX 3 Manzanita Park


Manzanita Regional Park located in Prunedale was the setting for another great round of races in the CCCX race series.  This particular course configuration was one of my favorites since the technical parts were bumped up a few notches while the other classic Manzanita features were all still in play.

The 1.6 mile long course had the customary uphill paved climb and descent down the backside.  There were a lot more off camber turns this time around and Keith added a sneaky little ride/run up section right before the finish straight.  It was completely rideable given that you had a clear shot at it with no traffic in front of you.  Otherwise, you were off your bike and pushing around the corner only to remount before a loose, downhill off camber.  It’s these types of features that make a well rounded CX course for racing rather than just a fitness course where riding fast in a straight line can net you some decent results.

Emery, Jojo, Jed and I made the trek down to P-dale along with some super fans…some as far as LA and Kansas City, MO!!!

Jojo finished 6th in the open B race.  Good job!  He recalls….

Manzanita is always cool. I feel like whenever I race there I leave thinking,   That place is fun, different and sort of underrated. It has a little bit of everything and this years course had some cool little features I don’t remember being included in years past.  The stoke fire for my new bike is building and I can not wait to take it up to Quincy for the grinduro in a couple weeks and really give it a proper shakedown. Team Caletti #1 for ever!

We finally got Jeb to race out of Santa Cruz County…and I think this is first contribution to a race report!  WHOA!!!!

Rolled down to my first CX race out of Santa Cruz County on Sunday. It was a great experience with good team support.

A cooked corner at the top of the course left Jeb with a crooked shifter and some lost positions.  He rolled in 14th in a competitive B field.

Our lone Elite race….Slimdog Emery:

The Feejay Mobile is a killer race base camp! Pina colada ice cream made with Skratch Labs pineapple drink mix, squished between cookies made with Skratch labs cookie mix = CLUTCH

The Manzanita Park course isn’t my favorite, I struggled there quite a bit last year between not feeling on form and rolling a tubular. This past weekends race I was able to improve my fitness from last year but the track still gave me tire issues. The single speed field was failry deep with 15 racers lining up behind the elite men’s category. The wide open uphill start kept the field pretty tight into the first barrier and through the first half of the course. I tried to play it safe but keep myself in a position to move with the lead group if there was an attack. I ended up sitting into second with with third place on my wheel and didn’t look back to see where 4th, 5th or anything past that were. Myself and 2nd place were looking to hunt down Alex Kramer who was looking a bit spun out on the front.

I was looking to ramp the throttle up a bit more and test them to see if they could hang on after pulling them around for a lap and a half, as we entered the first sandy infield section on the baseball field, when I felt my front tire squirm and begin to mash rim. I had punctured. The rough descents on the backside of the course had claimed my cotton tubular and position. Luckily I was close enough to the pit to limp around and grab a wheel without losing too much time. I quick wheel swap and a little extra push and I had only fallen back to third with about 5 laps to go. Despite my best efforts to chase back up I would have to accept my efforts and lack of tire pressure leaving me on the #3 step and what could’ve been with an inflated tire to my imagination.

I’m really happy with my result! I think that this result gives me a good gauge to my fitness this season and is an indication that my work and training in the off and pre season have been on target. I am excited race next weekend and hope to give a similar performance.

My race went well as I won my first Cat 3 35+ race.  When the parents are in town and the wife comes out  to watch you race, you have to throw it down!

Check out the gallery!  All photos by Amber Waves Slankard!



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