Race Report: CCCX 4 Toro Regional Park

CCCX continues the yearly tradition of front loading the CX season with a bunch of races in September and October.  Since the BASP opener at Candlestick was cancelled, would there be a bigger racer turnout at Toro?

The typical Toro course configuration was used.  The late-week precipitation tightened up the track a little bit for the first two races of the day but the constant racer traffic churned up the dirt and the track got quite loose in a few places.

What really matters is that the team debuted two brand spanking new Caletti CX race machines!  Both Jojo and Jeb had their frames built up and race ready for the Toro course.  These two guys were sporting visible chubb all over the race course which got kind of uncomfortable for some.  Their stoke was palpable and they both turned in solid performances.

Jojo rehashes….

First race on the new bike was awesome…I didn’t get much riding on the bike  before race day, so that was my first real shred on it. It felt comfortable and super predictable right off the bat and I was able to fall right into a great rhythm after the first lap madness settled. I went back and forth with a few guys throughout the race and fought most of them off…I was able to finish the day at 5th, my best result of the season so far. GRINDURO here we come!

Jeb ups his word count this week….

Pulled the new Caletti out of the car and threaded the axles in. Having only bedded the brakes on the bike and double checking torques, I figured I better get a few laps in and get a feel for the bike. Half way through my first recon lap, I double flatted. Yeah! I didn’t know I had been selected to pick up every goat head on the course, but I definitely took my new job seriously. Enjoying the long walk back to the tent, I wasn’t sure if I’d have time to swap to another wheel set, but with the help of Emery, super mechanic, I was ready for call up (well when they call other people’s names).

The race was took off with a fast start and I settled in back farther than I wanted after the first few turns. The best part of the race was the new bike. It is a thing of beauty! I can’t believe the ride quality, amazing. As the race went on, my goal was to move up a spot or two each lap. Seemed to work finishing in 10th.

I raced next.  After winning my B race the week prior, I decided to test the waters in the 35+ A category….AKA the race that features all the past national and world champions.  I knew a beating was about to commence so my mindset was just to ride fast (for me) and smooth and not make mistakes while being in a race that featured way more horsepower and bike handling skills.  I rolled in 18th and didn’t get lapped!

Emily toed the line for her first race this season and snagged a 5th place in the Women’s Elite race!

I had to break the seal sooner or later.  I’m glad I rolled down to Toro to hang with my people and race my bike!  I recently changed up my tires and also ditched my old crankset for a CX friendly 46/36.  Big ring baby!

Emery tried to continue his podium streak in the competitve SS A race.  He also takes super detailed notes of his races so he can keep track of what he did right vs. wrong and what he learned in the process.

After a solid finish last weekend I received a nice little call up to the second row toeing up to the line with the typical wrecking crew hoping to hang on their wheels. They sent us off and I pushed up toward the front of the group. I wanted to make sure I was in position to chase if any moves were made. The leaders weren’t pushing too hard on the first lap and the field was holding together in a big pace line. I wanted to test the stronger guys as well as pull the field apart and keep my focus on the muscle so I went off the front on just about 1/4 into the first lap. Big mistake I burned too much pulling the lead group around the course for just over a lap and when they overtook, me I struggled to hold on for about a lap or two and then popped. Cliff and I sat in 4th and 5th worked together a bit trying to catch back on while Cesar and Timmy C clawed at us a bit but no dice. We then went back an forth on each other for a lap or so until I was able to run away and sit in fairly comfortably for the last few laps and roll across the line in 4th place. A good result for me in a fairly stacked field and a course that kicked my ass.

Full results here

Emily looking smooth over the root.  Photo by Jeff Vander Stucken

Emery riding over what most racers were running.  Photo by Jeff Vander Stucken


Link to more of Jeff’s great photos

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