Race Report: Surf City #2 Watsonville Fairgrounds

The Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds in Watsonville, CA opened up the gates once again to allow us cyclocrossers the opportunity to get down and dirty! For those who raced last year, I’m sure the memories of that truly epic slog are still at the forefront of your memory banks. Conditions this year were the opposite of that dreary November day with warm temperatures and a bone dry course.

The Surf City CX crew along with course designer Ben Jaques-Mayne laid out a challenging track that has become the hallmark of Surf City courses. All types of skills were required: cambers, runups, dirty turns, 100lb pitt bulls, bumpy power straights, skittery gravel downhills…The course was wide open in some spots and narrow in others. All in all, it was a demanding course yet very raceable.

One of the best spectator spots was the drop in on the far end of the course that featured cocoa powder type dirt with a line that changed every single lap. Emery was huckin his meat off the pavement into the decent and surfed the brown pow con juevos every lap.

I kicked off the festivities for Team Caletti with another win in the 35+ B category. Jed and Jojo lined up next in the open B race with Jojo taking a strong 8th and Jed another lucky 13th.  These guys are coming up fast and we should be looking out for some podium performances with the big races still ahead!

Our lone lady representative, Emily McKissins, stormed out with the holeshot in the women’s A race but succumbed to cramps in her legs and had to abandon.

Our tallest and shortest team members took on the heat of the day as well as some of the Bay area’s fastest SS racers in the final race of the day. It’s midseason now and if you’ve been racing somewhat regularly, you pretty much know who your marks are every race. Emery was able to improve on last week’s fourth place with a strong third on the day while still dealing with cramps late in the race. Troy literally was playing in the dirt off his bike and still rocked a 7th place! I’m a pretty dark skinned guy, but Troy was possibly a darker shade of brown than I am!

Chef Ryan Thompson came through again with the goods in the form of chile relleno burritos with a cocktail of “blood of the cobra” for post-race snacks!

Thanks to all the friends, family and sponsors who came out to support us! We do what we do with your help!

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Photo by Patrick Rosso


Photo by Patrick Rosso


Photo by Patrick Rosso


More photos in the gallery below.  All photos taken by Amber Slankard.

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