Race Report: Surf City CX #1 Harbor Highschool

Our local race series, Surf City CX, kicked off this past weekend with a stellar course at Harbor High.

The Harbor High course always has a little bit of everything but this particular iteration proved to be a highly technical ride with off cambers, loose over loose, high speed descents and some duffy sand. Of course there was the usually bumpy, power sections on the grass and the big runup to the top of the course. The course had great flow and had two distinct parts. Everything near the start/finish up to the runup was pure power while the section on top all the way down to the far end of the track required technical skills, finesse and some body english.

First, let’s check out this video that our very own head honcho John Caletti made while spending the day out at the race…


Most of the squad was racing and plenty of friends and family were out to cheer.

Jed, still very much in the honeymoon phase with his new race whip, finished in lucky 13th in the men’s open B race. He looked pretty good to me, especially in his new Giro Empire laceup sneakers!

Sunday was the second cyclocross race for me with the new bike. The race itself went fairly well, had to recover from a few fellow racers taking me out. But was able to finish 13th. Starting to feel much smoother in turns and working on fitness.

Emily scored a 14th place in the Women’s Elite field that featured a former world champion and last year’s 2nd place finisher at CX nationals. She used her supreme running skills to her advantage to distance herself from her competition.

Emery and Troy featured in the last race of the day against the SS A field. Emery got off to a great start and was sitting 2nd wheel behind Ryan Rinn keeping the competition behind by being technically proficient in riding up the big ledge at the top of the course ultimately finishing in 4th.

Sick the last week, no training. Banked on base and work put in earlier to carry me through. Course flowed and the last minute grass section was awesome. I blinked and two barriers doubled to four for my race. Got a call up. I tried to hold Rinn’s wheel the first lap, he slipped away. Gritted my teeth to hold on to second but didn’t have it. Slipped back into 4th and held on tight. I went super deep! The course was so tough but sooo fun!

Troy maintained a nice steady pace throughout the race just finishing off the podium in 6th.

I had a few bobbles in the camber areas early on but I started to feel better and better as the race wore on.

We are super lucky to have such great support at the races! Big shout out to our sponsor Lauren at Totally Tubular for hanging out all day!!  Also, big love to Chef Ryan Thompson who provided post-race nutrition with his mobile kitchen. The menu featured tot waffles slathered with a fresh fall curry topped with roasted pumpkin, root veggies, and pepper pickled onions…drunken chicken on top of the meativores!!!

Full Results Here!

Josh – 1st, 35+B

Jed  – 13th, B

Emily – 14th, Women’s Elite

Emery – 4th, SS A

Troy – 6th, SS A

Next up….Surf City #2 at SC County Fairgrounds in Watsonville!!!

Here are some some snaps taken by Jeff Vanderstucken…

Link to Jeff’s complete gallery







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